Hayley and Rob get married {Preview} Cooling Castle Barn Wedding

Cooling Catle Barn Wedding Photographer

Hayley and Rob got married at Cooling Castle Barn - what an amazing venue!

Congratulations lovely couple, here's a cheeky couple of portraits to be going on with - hundreds more to come very soon! 

Incognito Artists, St. James Theatre, London

Theatre Photography London

Kent Family Photographer - 2013 Retrospective

Family Portrait Photographer Kent

Meet Milo! Kent Pet Photography

Kent Pet Photography

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Milo!

This little bundle of joy is a Zuchon puppy - a cross between a Shih Tzu and a  Bichon Frisé. They are also known as Schichons or Teddy Bear puppies!

The view from The Shard

© John Starns Photography 2013
Yesterday we took a trip to The Shard to celebrate Hugo's 15th birthday. Anyone in the vacinity of London's Southbank and beyond will find it difficult not to gaze upwards in awe at the tallest building in Western Europe. 


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